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The Devil and Daisy Jane - Lisa's musical
Welcome to California - Lisa's webisode series
Bliss Bomb - L.A. based pop band with a jazz twist
Lisa on YouTube - Live performance clips
Country Nation - Top 40's Country Tribute Band - Buy Lisa's CD, Waiting for Spring

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The Devil and Daisy Jane
Bliss Bomb
Welcome to California!
Country Nation


Kreative Skratch - Media Arts Studio
Lori Eve Marinacci - Broadway Actress
Jeremy Lewit - Writer, Director and Poet
Kris Fitzgerald - L.A. Photographer, Actor, Designer
Gina D'Acciaro - Singer, Actress, Producer
BobbyBlack - Las Vegas Tenor, Photographer
JimiBrent - Singer, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Songwriter
Kyle Nudo - L.A. Singer and Actor
Robert Marra - Director, Performer, Choreographer